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Accept payments exactly how your customers want to pay.
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ZERO FEE Cash Discount

Introducing the ZERO FEE Cash Discount program from Payment Portal!

Never pay a credit card merchant fee again — switch to zero fee processing to save your business money and promote recurring sales.

With this merchant services program, your business can:

  • Accept credit cards at 0 percent cost

  • Charge customers $100.00 and receive $100.00.

  • Comply with all regulations

Recent legislation now allows retail businesses to offer a cash discount to customers paying with cash, while assessing a line-item cash discount decline fee to those paying with a credit card.

Quickly becoming the preferred way to manage card processing fees, businesses using the ZERO FEE Cash Discount Program from Payment Portal, can at the time of the sale, give their customers the choice to pay with cash or card.

The customer receipt automatically reflects the cost difference. If the customer opts to pay with cash, the customer service fee is simply removed. Signage is provided for merchants participating in the Program, informing their customers of their payment options.

This program allows you to directly market to cash-paying clientele, promoting recurring sales, while providing convenience to customers paying with credit and debit cards.

This program offers you the best of both payment options and can be a net positive for you and your customers!

To learn more about the ZERO FEE Cash Discount Program from Payment Portal, contact a representative today.
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The Benefits of Zero Fee Processing For Your Business

The Benefits of Zero Fee Processing For Your Business

The ZERO FEE Cash Discount Program from Payment Portal essentially eliminates credit card merchant fees and replaces them with a $25 monthly subscription fee.

Here’s how zero fee processing can benefit your business:

1. You Drastically Decrease Your Monthly Processing Bill

While some small processing fees still show up because of interchange prices, you can expect to see a processing bill reduction of between 95 and 100 percent.

Payment Portal sets your bill up on a daily discount schedule, so your monthly statements reflect a near-zero cost of processing.

2. You Can Offer Cash Discounts to Customers

You can reward cash-paying customers on the spot. The ZERO FEE Cash Discount program automatically removes the customer service fee when a customer pays with cash, so you give them a discount at the time of sale.

Offering cash discounts promotes recurring sales and allows you to directly market to cash-paying customers. For small- to medium-sized business, cash paying customers are still king.

3. You Can Accept Credit Cards at 0% Cost

With the ZERO FEE Cash Discount program, you can still offer the convenience of credit card payment — without incurring costly transaction fees.

If you’re charging $100 for a product, you still get $100 for that product even when a customer pays with a card. That’s because zero fee payment processing automatically reflects a $3.50 card usage fee on the customer’s receipt.

4. You Have More Accurate Cost Accounting

By paying a flat monthly subscription fee — just $25 — you have a line-item for your monthly budget rather than variable monthly processing bills.

As such, the cost accounting for your business becomes much more accurate. You have a more realistic sense of actual costs rather than needing to speculate processing costs.

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