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Gift Cards

Its a proven fact that Gift Cards grow your business! Here is some facts you need to know:

30% of Gift Card sales never get redeemed, that money goes directly to your bottom line.

66% of people that get a Gift Card use it to try a new business for the first time.

72% of new Gift Card customers return to that business.

70% of customers using a Gift Card spend more than the value of the gift card.

82% of customers will carry your Gift Card with them when they go shopping.

With the standard Gift Card Starter Kit, starting at $150.00, you can recoup your investment with the first 10 cards.

With your LOGO on the Gift Card your customers see your advertising each time they look at your Gift Card.

Check out how easy it is to grow your sales through Gift Cards by clicking the Learn More button now or you can order your Gift Card kit by clicking Let's Get Started.

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